Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hanging Ceiling Light Fixtures

There is little more old-fashioned than a light hanging on a chain. Especially when it is in the corner of a bathroom. In the bedroom a hanging ceiling light fixture is even more special if it is shaped like a cluster of grapes.

The disadvantages of this type of light are that they collect dust, the chain collects dust, and the hooks to hold the chain has to be very, very secure. The advantage is that the light source in a room is suspended. Light can pour into a room without a fixture taking up space like a table lamp or a floor light does.

More modern hanging light fixtures can blend into the surrounding period decor. Choose something that is rounded or has organic lines and curves. Avoid lights that have angular planes, unless one is going for the Art Deco look.

Check in local electric supply stores for a wider selection of hanging lights than one finds in the big box retailers' lighting departments. Local and family-owned lighting stores also have access to extensive catalogs of fixtures that can be ordered from the lighting manufacturers. In general, fixtures from American manufacturers are typically more suited to decorating an old-fashioned American home.