Saturday, May 1, 2010

Old fashioned Lamp Shades

The words that describe old fashioned lamp shades are endearing: bell, curved, drum, curl. Even more attractive are the types of material used.  A lot of linen, heavy tapestry styled fabric that nearly blocked out all the light, paper, glass and metal. There are a lot of older lampshades that are constructed of fabric on fabric, often a flower print layered in pieces over an off white shade of linen.

The embellishments on the old fashioned shades can be quite dramatic. A favorite is the fringed bottom shade. Fringe can be made of braided or rolled threads or have a bric-a-brac look. Many Victorian lamp shades have beaded fringe. Sometimes tiny crystals were worked into the fringe, creating the illusion of light dancing as it reflected off the crystal's facets.

This old house deserves at least one fringed lamp shade when the place gets remodeled and redecorated. It won't be out in the front room. More likely the back guest room where rich linens, many pillows and a day bed will set the tone for comfort.

Another old-fashioned lamp shade will likely be affixed to a floor lamp in the bedroom or office. A pleated lampshade would add texture and dimension in the office to add an accent in a room where the hard lines of a desk and file cabinets can use a little softening.